This small-group tour takes you on an adventure by minivan and boat to Kompong Khleang, one of the less visited floating villages on Siem Reap’s Tonle Sap Lake. On this tour, you will gain unique insight into real Cambodian village life as you witness local markets and see locals doing various trades which are common in rural Cambodia. Then, head onto the lake itself and visit floating villages which are surrounded by stunning natural scenery and wildlife.  This tour will all be led by your local professional guide for a truly memorable experience.

You start the tour at 8am with your experienced local guide picking you up from your hotel.  You will then proceed up route #6 in an air-conditioned car or minivan to Kompong Khleang, passing through local markets and villages and stopping to see some of the local industries. You will then proceed along the causeway to the edge of the great Tonle Sap lake.  From there, you will transfer to a special river craft and enjoy a relaxing, fascinating journey up the Khleang River. On the way, you will pass stilted houses, some of which are 10 metres high, and will see locals going about their daily life. Eventually, you will travel through the flooded forest. From there you will travel out into the floating village. This tour is unique as few tourist explore this floating village, it provides you with an opportunity to see a lot of the native birds which live on the lake and it gives you an opportunity to take in some incredible views.  After the floating village tour you will travel back down the Khleang River to return to the minivan. From there you will stop at a local restaurant to relax and enjoy lunch, before we take you back to Siem Reap for 3pm.